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Lucozade Ribena Suntory appoints TLT to first legal panel

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Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) has appointed TLT to its first legal panel to provide specialist legal advice and support to the company across the UK, starting 1 September 2018.

TLT was chosen from a shortlist of 23 firms based on the strength of its capabilities and practice areas in relation to LRS’s current and future needs.

Mary Guest, LRS’s General Counsel, said: “The selected firms were chosen not only for their strong capabilities and experience, but also for their strategic alignment to our vision and principles. We wanted to work with firms that can deliver innovative solutions and work collaboratively with our in-house team to enable LRS to achieve its vision from the perspective of not only the legal team but also the wider business. We are pleased to be working with TLT and looking forward to collaborating with the team.”

Dan Read, partner at TLT who led the tender process, said: “LRS is an ambitious company with an abundance of creativity and big ideas for the future. The consumer goods industry is transforming rapidly as consumer habits open up opportunities for brands to engage with them in new and exciting ways. We are very excited to have been appointed to the LRS legal panel and looking forward to supporting them on that journey.”