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Make More Margin with Ken’s retail bulletin

Ken Simpson is Director of Make More Margin and was also a judge at the recent Retail Industry Awards. Exclusive to The North Somerset Business Leader he rounds up the latest retail related news.

Olympic legacy

After the success of Team GB in the Olympics, government is keen to capitalise on the ‘legacy’ and get Britain’s couch potatoes away from the TV.

The outstanding coverage of all sports by the BBC means that from athletics to windsurfing people will be looking to get involved.

For retailers this means an opportunity to sell Olympic related clothing or equipment and to make Olympic hay whilst the afterglow is still shining.

Trick or treat

Halloween and Bonfire Night is not that far away and trick or treat is still growing in popularity in the UK.

Many retailers fail to make the most of this opportunity. For newsagents and food stores the opportunities for you are immense so don’t miss out.

Non-food stores can get in on the action too as pumpkin cutters, night lights, lanterns, treat bags, glow in the dark window stickers and garden trimmings all add to the spectacle.

Tesco scores low for hygiene

In a recent report Tesco has been awarded the lowest score of the major multiples for food hygiene with 3.2% of its main estate scoring 1 or 2 points.

One Stop convenience stores fared just as badly with 5.3% of its stores being told they must improve.

Top marks for Waitrose

No surprises that Waitrose came out top with 92% of its stores bagging the top 5 point rating.

Interestingly, the independent sector scored significantly worse with 17.1% of the 2,000+ inspections being rated 2 or below.

How does your store stand up?

Make More Margin can offer readers of The North Somerset Business Leader a discounted rate on Food Hygiene Inspections.

Sunday trading

Government is considering making permanent the extension to the Sunday trading hours but many MPs are voicing concerns.

And Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury’s is against it. But there are many in the multiple retail sector who are in favour of making the longer hours permanent and having extra hours to do business.

If your business has been affected by the longer hours on Sunday, whether positive or negative, then write to your MP telling them about this impact and what it could mean for the High Street in general.

Longer nights

And as the nights get longer and the temperatures drop it is time to ensure that your heating and lighting is ready for the winter months.

Make sure you check that the elements on door heaters are free from debris and dust before you switch them on. This not only prevents possible damage but could also prevent a fire.

It is also worth remembering that incidences of arson increase considerably during the lead up to bonfire night, so ensure that you keep all combustible materials indoors overnight or at least in a secure location.

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