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Management consultancy looks to recruit 100 women in 100 days

Anne O’Donnell

Next generation management consultancy, Procorre, has today announced the launch of Procorre100, a new initiative that will see the company recruit 100 women in 100 days into its consultancy network.

With a female founder, equality has always been a core value at the company, however Procorre believes more should be done in the industry to recruit more women into top consulting positions. Procorre is looking to attract as many female consultants into its network as possible, across the management consultancy’s key sectors, targeting 100 women in 100 working days.

Anne O’Donnell, CEO of Procorre, said: “Although we regard ourselves as a company that has always promoted equality, we wanted to put a stake in the ground. Women have so much to offer the consultancy industry and yet they are underrepresented despite the financial benefits and flexibility it offers.

“I’m working hard to try to change that within our company and the wider industry and I hope this new initiative will be a driving force in helping us to achieve that objective. Businesses like ours have an obligation to make sure female representation is strengthened in order to pave the way for the future.”

Audrey Limery, Data Scientist, Entrepreneur and founder of L.Y.Corp, who is working with Procorre as part of the Procorre100 campaign, added, “As women in this industry, we must lead by example, help to empower and inspire females of all ages, and demonstrate that IT is not a male-industry only but is full of intelligent, successful and highly capable women.

“Although I’ve had my fair share of challenges to overcome, including racism and bullying, I believe you can become a successful IT professional regardless of your background or gender, break the barriers and evolve in a male-dominated environment.”