Marketing agency switches to electric fleet

Ascot Mercedes

A national PR, digital marketing and creative agency is replacing its fleet of company cars with electric and electric hybrid cars.

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Purplex, which has clients across Europe and the United States, has invested in 10 new EV charging points and has taken delivery of its first fleet of A-Class Mercedes A250e hybrid electric cars.

Sam Cross, Account Director commented: “While Zoom is a fantastic tool, we believe meaningful relationships must include face-to-face meetings and as UK restrictions ease, we want to be ready to go.  At the same time, we have to consider the environment and so switching to electric and hybrid cars supports our existing sustainability commitments.”

The company has recently added Jaguar I-Pace and Renault Zoe all-electric cars, and will have a fully electric/hybrid fleet by September.

Purplex employs 80 people and built its reputation in the construction and business service sectors, but is rapidly expanding across B2B, B2C and D2C sectors.

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