Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, urges people to stay home

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Mayor Marvin Rees

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, is urging people to stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect vulnerable people in the city.

Bristol City Council is working hard alongside city partners, health services, and the voluntary sector to support people in the city, including special measures for homeless people. But the mayor has warned this critical work will be hampered by people not listening to Government advice.

The government recommends:

Avoid social contact
Work from home if you can
Don’t use public transport unless you have to
Do not attend social or extended family gatherings
Contact your GP or Health service via phone or online
Only leave your home if you have to – to buy urgent supplies, go to key work, or get fresh air a safe distance from others.

Pubs, clubs, gyms, cinemas and theatres should now have all closed, and restaurants and cafes should only be providing takeaway or delivery.

However despite this clear advice, people are continuing to congregate in areas of Bristol including outside pubs, in non-essential shops and in playparks, says Mayor Rees.

He said: “The longer people ignore the advice and keep going out, the higher the chance that more people will get coronavirus. Catching the virus will prove fatal for some people.

“You may be lucky enough not to fall into a high risk group, but not everyone is the same. By ignoring advice to stay inside you are putting lives at risk. We have many vulnerable people in the city who need us all to pull together to protect them.

“Bristol’s hospitals and healthcare services are under huge pressure. It is everyone’s job to act now to help prevent more people needing medical help. The message is clear, stay home and save lives.”

As of Saturday 21 March, 20 people in Bristol have been reported to have coronavirus.

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