MBA on your mobile

Sammy Love from Hakluyt and graduate of Quantic School of Business and Technology

There aren’t many places you’d go nowadays without your smartphone. For readers of a certain age, probably the only places you’d expect not to hear the reassuring sound of a muffled vibration would be in a school. But while phones might still be frowned upon in a physical classroom, online MBA provider Quantic says that they are now a requisite for a first-class education.

There is an instinct that the best kinds of learning occur in musty libraries or in front of well-worn chalkboards. However, growing research (backed up by very recent pandemic experience) shows that you can learn effectively through digital classrooms and online courses.

As far back as 2013, Tom Adams was a firm believer in alternative methods of learning. As a graduate of INSEAD and a former CEO of Rosetta Stone, Adams has a proven pedigree and experience in online learning and was well placed to predict upcoming trends in the education space.

One of the major problems he identified was that capable students were often constrained first by geography and then by teaching style. Most MBA courses rely on traditional learn-memorise-replicate methodologies that require students to be physically close to an actual school, which as a model was failing to serve a large amount of people.

The innovative answer to this was to create an interactive and wholly online MBA course, which crucially, leveraged the latest peer-researched pedagogic techniques.

“Filming a lecture and posting it on YouTube is completely missing the point about how technology can be used to deliver education,” Adams explains. “From the start, at Quantic we believed we could use technology to make learning effective, memorable, interesting – and actually fun. With our programme, an interaction takes place every eight seconds. Testing becomes a method of teaching, not just a comprehension exercise.”

Through Quantic, students can complete projects together while potentially being on opposite sides of the world. In addition to gaining a first-class MBA, they also benefit from the immeasurably important relationship-building aspect of pursuing an MBA.

With a rapidly growing network of over 15,000 students and alumni in over 150 countries, Quantic MBA students get access to a deep well of connections for networking opportunities and career development.

Sammy Love, now at Hakluyt, the strategic advisory firm for businesses and investors, completed her MBA with Quantic whilst working as an Operations Director in the not-for-profit sector. “Studying with Quantic was a great experience, and I’ve since recommended it to many of my friends and colleagues because I found it so valuable,” says Sammy.

“Studying online gives the flexibility to complete the MBA alongside full-time employment, which makes it more accessible financially. I also enjoyed being able to put what I was learning into practice in real time – it helps you stay motivated as you immediately see the impact in terms of the value you can bring at work. The way the app gamifies lessons also made the content more memorable, and made for a fun and engaging learning experience.”

Tom Adams continues; “Today’s students want and expect technology to deliver more and to meet them where they are in their lives and their careers. At the same time, we understand the importance and value of a network and peer collaboration.

“It’s not enough for a program to offer flexibility and mobility; the students must be talented and ambitious and there must be tangible positive outcomes for graduates. The high standards of our students attract other top-tier candidates. They don’t want to compromise on quality but do want flexibility. Frankly, they deserve nothing less.”