Medical business receives £1.56m in grants

MediSieve has received two grants from Innovate UK, worth a total of around £1.56m.

One large biomedical catalyst grant will progress development of a severe sepsis product, developing five magnetic particles to remove different sepsis targets.

Another SRBI grant enables further focus on one of those particles and how it can be used to remove anti-microbial resistant (AMR) bacteria from a patient’s bloodstream. Both are 2-year projects starting in 2019.

Both projects involve distinct experimental pathways which can be delivered simultaneously with the added benefit that areas of synergy and overlap reduce workload.

Dr George Frodsham, CEO and founder of MediSieve, comments:”Our technology is like dialysis, circulating a patient’s blood through an external loop to remove disease-causing targets. While dialysis relies on non-specific size-based filtration, MediSieve uses magnetic particles coated with antibodies (Ab-MP) to target specific components, and a magnetic filter to extract them.”

MediSieve is a medical device organisation developing “magnetic blood filtration”: a ground-breaking treatment for blood-borne diseases which filters pathogens directly from the bloodstream