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Gourav Soni

64Facets launched in the UK in June last year and has been worn by celebrities such as Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington and Josie Canseco. Each piece is intricately hand-crafted and designed for the modern woman.

The team behind 64Facets use only ethically sourced materials and use innovative techniques to create bespoke and stylish products.

Business Leader recently sat down with founder, Gourav Soni to talk about the challenges facing the industry, how to stand out in a crowded sector, and what the future holds for the company.

Can you give me an overview of 64Facets?

64Facets is a fine jewellery brand, specialising in rose cut, old mine cut and pave diamond jewellery. We only use sustainably and ethically sourced diamonds to create versatile and delicate jewellery which today’s modern woman can wear with pride.

Versatility is important to us. Every 64Facets piece is light, delicate and feminine and is designed to be worn at any occasion, from the office, to dinner, to a black tie gala. Comfort is a priority, as we strive to suit contemporary and active lifestyles and provide our customers with beautiful pieces for everyday use.

Our vertically integrated supply chain means that everything, from cutting the rough diamonds to crafting the jewellery, is done in-house allowing for a transparent supply-chain with all natural, sustainably sourced diamonds; tight quality control resulting in only the highest quality diamonds and jewellery; and competitive and transparent pricing.

Every 64Facets piece has its own story, beginning with uncompromising quality of each diamond and gemstone. Inspecting each by hand, the finest diamonds are sourced in the rough, always from responsible trade partners. A team of seasoned diamantaires individually cuts and polishes each diamond, which is then put into the hands of talented craftsmen. Since each diamond is hand cut, every piece is truly unique and the result of a highly creative and artisanal process.

What celebrities have endorsed your products?

Celebrities have fallen in love with our jewellery and we have been fortunate to be worn by celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Kerry Washington, Claire Danes, and Naomi Watts, to name a few.

What are the main challenges facing your sector?

The fine jewellery industry is facing troubles with the mixing of unethically sourced and lab grown diamonds with ethically sourced, natural mined diamonds. Large established brands such as Cartier offer consumers a guarantee against this, however they charge a massive premium for it. Thanks to our vertically integrated supply chain, we provide the same guarantee, with the same quality and finesse in our jewellery, but at an honest price.

What sets you apart from other jewellers?

Overall, our jewellery stands out because of three things. Aesthetic – we use rose cut diamonds in our jewellery lines, which offer a different aesthetic, glow and brilliance compared to the more common brilliant cut diamonds. Quality – our diamonds are of very high quality and our jewellery pieces are comprised of E-H colour and VS+ quality diamonds. Price – oue to our short supply chain we are able to offer honest and competitive pricing.

Is it important for modern jewellers to be more ethically-minded?

Extremely important! At 64Facets we only work with with responsible trade partners and all of our diamonds are conflict-free. We insist on only the highest ethical, social and environmental standards from our partners so that our customers don’t have to choose between looking good and feeling good about their jewellery.

Is transparency still an issue for the jewel trade?

Sometimes, it all depends on where you are buying from. We would recommend you do your research before buying diamond jewellery. Take time to find out where the diamonds come from and if you are buying from a responsible source.

What does the future hold for the company?

First and foremost, we focus on constant improvement and innovation in our jewellery. On the business side, we are expanding the brand to Europe and the Middle East and increasingly focusing on our online presence.

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