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Meet the Founder of Ukraine’s first company to build high-rise residential spaces with exploitable roofs

Artur Mkhitaryan

Having started his way as a marketing specialist in a development company, Artur Mkhitaryan is now a Founder of his own development empire — Taryan Group, the latest project of which, Taryan Towers, became the winner of the Best International Property Awards in 2021.

Artur Mkhitaryan is a Ukrainian entrepreneur and developer. His vision is clearly inspired by the dreams of space exploration, however, his knowledge and experience allow Artur to bring those science-fiction dreams into reality.

After several years of working as a marketing specialist and then an executive in his father’s developing company, Artur has felt the need to gain more expertise to be able to create his own legacy. This is why he went to study in the USA and came back home with an Executive MBA degree.

In 2011, Artur Mkhitaryan founded Taryan Group, which was named after the pen-name of his grandfather, who was an Armenian writer. The company has become the first in Ukraine to build high-rise residential spaces with exploitable roofs.

The first development projects of Taryan Group were implemented with credit money, but the success of the company’s ambitious dream-like projects led to further investments.

“People will rather believe that somebody just got lucky than accept that a person had to work hard and be fully invested into the result to succeed”, Artur explains.

Nowadays, Taryan Group is working on its most innovative construction project to date — Taryan Towers, the design of which has already won the Best International Property Awards in 2021 as the ‘Best International Residential High Rise Development’.

When asked about this achievement, which is considered to be an Oscar among residential and commercial property professionals, the ambitious leader answers: “I feel like a captain of a team that has won the World Cup. Of course, I am happy, but tomorrow is another day to wake up early and work out, as our Olympic Games are still waiting for us”.

One of Artur’s most fascinating traits of character is that he never stops dreaming, experimenting and exceeding even the boldest expectations. In 2021, Artur Mkhitaryan decided to apply his expertise in building the country’s most innovative smart homes to the world of fashion. This is how JAXET was born – a brand of multifunctional outerwear that combines fashion and technologies into the gear of the future.

JAXET is another ‘Ukraine’s first’, but this time also ‘the world’s first’ techwear equipped with an in-built headset with a function of a simultaneous translator, along with other features such as a UV-resistant protective lens, NFC token, and a security pocket with Faraday shield lining.

The brand’s Founder and Chief Product Architect, Artur Mkhitaryan, explains: “We rethink the old forms and give them a new meaning to reflect the time and space we live in. New conditions call for a new aesthetic which we found in the unity of design, technology, convenience and, most importantly, purpose”.

As for his vision, Artur sees his projects as the way to leave a meaningful legacy and his mark in history. “I think that modern business is not only about profits, but also about what values it creates for the society, it is about how you improve the lives of people and how your products can contribute to the development of humanity.”

In 2021, Artur was also celebrated as ‘top innovator of 2021’, according to one of Ukraine’s most influential business media outlets ‘TOP 100. Ratings of the largest’.