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Business Leader recently caught up with Dr Adam Carey, CEO of CorPerformance – a company that uses the performance techniques from elite sport and Hollywood coaching to enable businesses including BP, INEOS and Lloyds Banking Group to achieve profound and sustainable changes in their employees’ lifestyle habits, while actively reducing long-term risk of disease.

CorPerformance, through it’s CorResilience app, looks to tackle rising trends including work-related stress, depression and anxiety as well as the British obesity epidemic. Central to the app is the idea of prevention, a strategy that is key to the government’s new NHS Long-Term Plan.

Dr Carey talks about working with Sir Clive Woodward’s England team, his TV role on Celebrity Fit Club, and what the future holds for CorPerformance.

Can you give me an overview of CorPerformance?

Established in 2006, building on our back ground of delivering in elite sport, CorPerformance provides coached behavioural change wellness programmes to the corporate sector. The programmes allow individuals to develop their personal resilience, increasing their productivity, whilst reducing their stress and risk of mental health and long-term disease.  They develop a happier, healthier work force, whilst providing a measurable return on investment.

What products and services do you offer?

A sweet of coached behavioural change programmes comprised of four components, screening, goal setting, education and coaching.

How are CorPerformance looking to improve employee health in the workplace?

By delivering programmes with a meaningful, sustainable, clinical physical and mental impact businesses are now able to effectively invest in their key asset, their people.

There are a lot of potential wellness options available to businesses, but most do not have hard outcomes and fail to deliver a measurable return on investment.  CorPerformance is able to provide both a meaningful outcome as well as a ROI and is allowing business to improve employee health.  This is in line with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence’s view that the best place to tackle obesity and poor health in the population is at work.

Can you tell me about your experience with Clive Woodward’s 2003 World Cup winning team?

I commenced working with England Rugby in 1998, as Clive was looking to identify 50 things that could improve their performance.  At the time few in sport paid much attention to nutrition or sleep. We were able to provide a measurable impact in the squad’s performance and helped support their success in 2003.  Since then we have worked with many sports including England Cricket for their Ashes success, Chelsea’s Premiership titles under Mourinho, as well as supporting the British Olympic Association in their preparation for London 2012.

Can you tell me about your experience with Mourinho’s Chelsea team?

My business partner Dr Fred Wadsworth led on the support of Chelsea in the early days of improving food provision in football.  Now all clubs emulate this work and nutrition is a part of all athlete’s preparation and recovery.

Can you tell me about your role as a co-presenter of Celebrity Fit Club?

I presented and worked with the Celebrities for 5 series of CFC with the late Dale Winton and Harvey Walden IV, where we achieved over 5 million viewers.  There was a large public interest in becoming healthier and seeing how individuals they recognised approached the process and individualised it to success.

What does the future hold for CorPerformance?

The demand for our work is growing as businesses see the impact of the results we deliver.  To keep abreast of this demand, we are currently completing the digital transformation of the CorPerformance’s clinical service into a platform based mobile App call CorResilience. Our first customer trials are underway with BP.  The results are staggering for what is called, in tech speak, the minimal viable product.  This is the smallest piece of technology we believed would have impact.  There is a long way to go, but this is a promising start which will allow us to offer a truly enterprise based solution for business and is in line with our ideal of helping to change the health of a nation, one business at a time.

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