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Romanie Thomas
Romanie Thomas

Business Leader recently caught up with Romanie Thomas, Founder and CEO of Juggle Jobs – a recruitment platform that is highlighting the need for inclusivity and flexibility for senior positions.

Can you tell me about your job history prior to Juggle Jobs?

Prior to Juggle, I worked in executive headhunting for 10 years. I placed hundreds of business and technology leaders into companies around the world during this time, with a particular focus on all things digital. I was at La Fosse Associates for four years and part of the core leadership team. I was responsible for growing the organisation by focusing on great values and a strong collaborative culture.

What is Juggle Jobs?

Powered by AI, our platform connects start-ups and scale-ups with experienced, pre-vetted professionals who want to work more flexibly.

We specialise in supporting small and rapidly growing businesses by connecting them to the right talent. Finding the right hire is the difference between a business succeeding or failing, and a flexible solution allows our customers to get more value for their money, and also de-risks the hiring process by allowing both parties to assess whether a candidate is the right fit. We also use AI-smart matching to speed up the hiring process – our average time to hire is one a week vs an industry average of one a month.

Our mission is rooted in gender diversity – we want to see women represented 50:50 in business leadership and we believe access to flexible leadership roles for women (and men) is what will drive systemic change.

What was the inspiration behind setting up the business?

Having worked in executive headhunting for a number of years, I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of female representation, and especially at the executive leadership level.

I was looking for a business to invest in that was committed to improving gender diversity but found that the majority were more focused on educating and raising awareness for the issue, rather than directly solving the issue.

For me, flexibility was always such a natural answer to attracting and retaining women into leadership roles and there was an increasing demand for more flexibility across all departments and industries.

Then, Juggle was born. I wanted to combine the mission of gender diversity (the why) with flexible working (the what).

What separates you from the competition?

We have a deep knowledge of the space and understand which aspects of the process to automate to drive value for customers and streamline the traditionally inefficient recruitment process.

We are also a full-service solution – businesses can recruit, onboard, manage and pay professionals through our platform – none of our competitors can offer all of the above.

What are the company’s plans for the years ahead?

Our mission is to become the number one flexible recruitment platform in the UK. We want to provide the fastest and most accurate recruitment matching service between companies and experienced flexible professionals.

Today, the recruitment market is fragmented and there’s an opportunity for one player to unify the market, one that has flexible working and equality in its DNA. That’s us!

We also want to launch a successful community and support offering to flexible professionals, ensuring users have a compelling and meaningful reason to be loyal to Juggle.

In regards to the wider sector – what more needs to be done to be more inclusive?

Recognising our bias. We can’t cure ‘unconscious bias’, but we can recognise it, be more aware and take steps to mitigate the risks. At Juggle, we use a gender decoder to evaluate whether job applications are using neutral language and we anonymise candidate data until the interview stage.

We know we can learn better from diverse teams. One part of this is to recruit and attract candidates, and more importantly, we then need the right environment for diverse candidates to feel included. Businesses can start with simple processes, such as making sure everyone feels comfortable contributing on a team call and giving everyone the opportunity to have a voice.

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