Meet The Woman Helping Businesses Support Customers Facing Mental Health Challenges

Lily Gupta

Lily Gupta is the founder of Holler It, a new organisation which is helping businesses support customers and employees facing emotional and mental health issues.

Can you give us an overview of Holler It?

Holler It offers in-the-moment, customer-focused wellbeing packages to businesses and organisations who want to support customers who are experiencing anxiety and mental health issues. Holler It enables businesses and organisations improve customer wellbeing – providing the feel good factor.

It is a unique and confidential service which provides immediate 24-hour telephone and online provision for people struggling to cope with stress and anxiety. Fully qualified therapists signpost and support callers on a whole range of issues including debt, finances, health, relationships, legal and family matters. Callers can also go on to have six in person therapy sessions if needed.

Organisations like banks, building societies and unions can offer Holler It as a ‘perk’ of membership in the same way that they offer extras like mobile phone cover, or a cup of coffee with certain accounts.

Where did the idea for the initiative come from?

I spent part of my career working with vulnerable adults and saw the real need for additional provision to help people face life’s challenges. I was concerned by the growing numbers of people struggling with emotional and mental health issues and the lack of access to professional support.

I wanted to provide a service that was was confidential, available to all – regardless of age, language, ethnicity, gender, economic status – Holler It was born out of the need to reach everyone.

A mental health or emotional crisis can hit any of us at any time so I wanted to do something which offered fast, professional support that is available 24/7.

Our white labeled packages can be rolled out to customers, savers, members and employees in an easy, cost effective way.

Why do you think it is important for businesses to invest in the mental health and wellbeing of their customers?

When we’re in crisis or going through difficult times, it’s easy to spend too much or forget to pay bills or become ill.

The end result is that customers don’t feel like interacting – which can mean loss of custom, or debt. Neither is beneficial to a business.

I believe that customers want to feel valued for their loyalty to a brand or organization – they want to feel they matter.

Holler it provides that sense of value and care – the feel good factor.

The rising crisis in mental health means that practical, in-the-moment wellbeing support like that provided by Holler It is more important than ever.

What sort of businesses benefit most from signing up to Holler It?

Any business that has a customer, employee or membership base such as banks, building societies, credit or insurance companies. Holler It’s services can be offered as a customer/ member benefit.

It can even be offered by unions or gyms as an additional member benefit for example. We are talking to a wide range of organisations right now.

Has the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated issues surrounding mental health?

2020 been quite a year! The changed landscape of our lives has brought uncertainty for us all – and that means anxiety and stress. So many of us are concerned about returning to work, job security, health, returning to school and relationships.

Official data, released just last week shows that nearly one in five of us experienced depression during the COVID-19 pandemic in June.

There is an incredible amount of pressure on people coming to terms with the ‘new normal’.

How can businesses register for Holler It’s services?

It’s so easy to register to Holler It. Anyone interested in hearing more about the service can visit

How does Holler It stand out from other platforms offering the same sort of services?

Holler It offers expert advice and support on a full range of issues including debt, finances, relationships, legal and family matters. The support we offer is also available in all the languages spoken in Britain, for example – Welsh, Gaelic, Urdu, French, Arabic, Spanish, Sign language (via FaceTime) to name a few…

The mental health of the nation is under the spotlight more than ever before and there’s a recognised lack of service availability in this area. We’re helping to fill that gap with our online provision, wellbeing portal and person-to-person contact that is needed by so many.

Tell us a little bit about Holler It’s celebrity supporters?

We’ve had amazing support from Nadiya Hussain, TV presenter Denise Welch and musician Liz McClarnon. They’ve been fantastic in helping to spread the word about Holler It!