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Meet young mum Emily – the new face of selling your home at 10% of the price


Emily Harper

Here is the face of selling your home in the future, at only 10% of the price.

Emily Harper is specialist trained and armed with an iPad to save the average house seller thousands of pounds by selling homes via FaceTime and Skype.

Her firm is an incredible 90% cheaper than traditional estate agents which have huge overheads, offices and fleets of cars.

Emily was trained up in a traditional estate agents before having her child, and will now use FaceTime and Skype to communicate effectively with sellers.

Houses will be sold via popular selling websites including Rightmove but the big difference will be that sellers are charged at about 10% of the price estate agents use (eg £649 + VAT instead of £6500 + VAT).

The new firm aims to beat TV’s Sarah Beeny in her venture by bringing the online agents alive through technology seven days a week. They will also use traditional phonecalls, email, Twitter and Facebook to communicate with house-sellers.

The first 100 people to sign up to in Bristol will be charged only £389 inclusive of VAT to sell their home – compared to the typical £3600 on a £200,000 home. For a £400,000 house the saving will be nearly £7,000.

Emily, who has several years of experience in selling properties, said: “I’m delighted to be the first mum who will help to save house sellers thousands of pounds.”

Founder of, Dominic Toller, said: “Mums like Emily who have been trained up in traditional estate agents will now be able to return to work and use all the expertise and experience.

“Emily is part of a completely new exciting online era in which people can sell their homes. There has been a revolution caused by Rightmove which means people now buy and sell online.

“Our online estate agency company is unique in that our expertly trained agent communicate with those selling their homes via Facetime and Skype.

“We might be online but we want to make the whole process as people-orientated as possible.”We do not have the high overheads of traditional estate agents and aim to pass on those cost savings to the consumer.

“Our friendly agents do everything traditional estate agents do apart from show potential buyers around homes, but at only 10 per cent of the price, saving local people thousands of price on an average sale.”