MG Motor UK invests half a million pound in new distribution hub

MG Motor UK

MG Motor UK has announced an investment of £500,000

MG Motor UK has made a significant investment of £500,000 in the company’s Longbridge, Birmingham facilities.

Featuring new goods inwards bays, enhanced shelving and racking for ground-level picking, a new container unloading platform and upgrades to the reception and office block, the changes will be the first steps as the company aims to grow throughout the year.

MG continues to perform well this year, with sales increasing by 67% in Q1 2018 compared to that of the same period last year. Parts sales have also increased, more than 62% year-on-year, prompting MG to grow its distribution and warehousing capabilities to meet increasing demand.

In addition, MG will be adding to its training centre, with new features such as workshop space for up to 10 vehicles, post hoists to allow for raised vehicle work and insulated flooring to accommodate electric and hybrid vehicle training.

MG is experiencing strong demand for its exciting product line-up, extensive investment into future electric powertrains with new model launches and existing model facelifts.