MHA Monahans – powering business growth post-pandemic for organisations across the South West

Simon T

South West-based, independent Accountancy practice, MHA Monahans, has announced the launch of its newest initiative: a post-pandemic recovery hub which aims to help businesses of all shapes and sizes not only survive but thrive in this ‘new normal’.

Through a diverse range of assets including expert insight, blogs and video, the highly expert MHA Monahans team will draw upon decades of in-depth knowledge to give tangible solutions to the pain points many businesses will face in the coming months.

Aptly named ‘Post-Pandemic Recovery Hub: Powering Future Business Growth’, MHA Monahans’ new tool stands apart from the crowd by not only focusing on recovery for its users but encouraging audiences to remain positive and aim for growth, despite any difficulties that may come their way.

Simon Tombs, Managing Partner at MHA Monahans, commented: “The past 16 months has undoubtedly been the toughest time businesses have ever experienced. But as the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter, organisations are keen to put this behind them and rebuild.

“However, the pandemic – unlike many other crises the business world has seen – has completely changed the way the workplace functions. From hybrid working to an acceleration of e-commerce and digital transformation, a stronger focus on mental wellbeing and an uptick of automation, it’s not an easy landscape to navigate.

“Nevertheless, we truly believe that opportunity comes from adversity. We want to help all businesses throughout the South West and beyond harness the potential of the ‘new normal’. We wanted to provide a place for business leaders to turn for help and advice, as they negotiate the next six to 12 months especially. And that’s what our Post-Pandemic Recovery Hub aims to do.”

To learn more about the hub, visit the MHA Monahans website at