Midlands firm lands global customers with non-hazardous cleaning solution

Arrow Solutions team with Shield NF

L to R: James Lomas and Lynsey Thompson (both Arrow Solutions) with Shield NF

A worldwide desire for non-hazardous products that still offer the same performance has inspired the launch of a major new product by a Midlands manufacturer.

Arrow Solutions, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, makes professional cleaning and maintenance chemicals. The firm launched Shield NF this week as its new corrosion preventative, dewatering and light lubricant solution.

Several customers have already signed up for Shield NF from across the automotive, aerospace, rail and oil and gas sectors.

Management at Arrow Solutions predicts demand will be high, estimating that over 10,000 litres will be in operation by the end of 2019.

Jeremy Moore, Product Manager at Arrow Solutions, said: “Shield NF is being introduced in response to the growing demand from our customers for environmentally friendly and safer products.

“There are a lot of social, financial and environmental pressures on industry to remove the use of hazardous goods and this will only increase with the prospect of new legislation coming into play. Our R&D team have come up with a solution that is no longer classified as hazardous, yet still gives the same level of corrosion prevention as the previous Shield formula.”

He continued: “It is directly suited to manufacturing companies that are producing hundreds of thousands of parts every year and we are already in talks with a number of global businesses on setting up trials both in the UK and overseas.”

“We are planning on marketing Shield NF to both our existing customers and also new ones that may not have used Arrow previously… Europe, Russia and the Middle East all offer significant potential and we have strong distributor agreements already in place in each of these territories.”

Founded in 1968, Arrow Solutions supplies customers across the engineering, rail, defence, aerospace and energy sectors, as well as the commercial hygiene marketplace.

The last twelve months have delivered a strong performance thanks to its strategy of developing and launching high-performance cleaning solutions that are also kinder to the environment.

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