Monaco-based REDD announces £100m expansion into Central London

REDD, the Monaco founded multi-national luxury property company, has expanded into Prime Central London and created a £100m residential development and property management pipeline, with new developments, a growing client base, and enhanced property management services set to be unveiled.

Focused on the investment, development and management of prime property in world-class locations, REDD became operational in 2016 and over the last three years has been involved in luxury residential projects in Monaco. Monaco has a proud tradition of creating company brand names from abbreviations and REDD is no different, being an acronym for Real Estate, Design & Development.

The rapidly growing, privately-owned company, was founded by Jacopo Marzocco, a third-generation member of one of Europe’s leading real estate families. The Marzocco family behind REDD is famous for building the Odeon Tower skyscraper in Monaco.

REDD has now expanded into Prime Central London, in a partnership between Jacopo Marzocco and Managing Director Russell Smithers, an RIBA Chartered Architect by training, who has spent the last eight years developing prime property in London and internationally.

The new London operation undertakes direct investment and development, as well as providing development management and property management for private investors and clients. With headquarters in One Heddon Street, a new Crown Estate building in Mayfair.

Operating in Mayfair, St James’s, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington and Marylebone, in a short space of time REDD has created in Mayfair a £100m (GDV) pipeline of prime residences.

The newly unveiled Mayfair properties include 10 apartments in the location of Berkeley Square and a remodelled Mayfair mews house which has been interior designed and dressed to an immaculately high standard of quality, attention to detail and presentation.

Jacopo Marzocco, Founding Director of REDD says: “REDD is a multi-national luxury property company which develops and manages property in world class locations. Initially operating in Monaco, we have now established operations in Prime Central London and plan to grow our London client base and expand the number of properties under development and management. Working with clients from around the world, REDD also provides the perfect conduit for London investors seeking to invest in Monaco and visa versa, and as part of our ambition to become an international brand we are constantly reviewing other real estate opportunities in wealth destinations across the world.”