Motivational speaker launches powerful new series to inspire leaders and teams

Shane Dean

A British motivational speaker is helping workers and leaders build optimism out of the devastation of coronavirus with a new series of talks.

Mental health, anxiety and depression are at epidemic proportions in the UK.
And then came along Covid-19.

Businesses, workplaces and communities are reporting catastrophic negative effects and there are fears of a tsunami of bad news to come.

Now, motivational speaker Shane Dean has a series of fun and powerful talks to inspire employees and workplaces.

People, organisations and businesses report that Shane’s talks result in a boost in staff enthusiasm, productivity and morale.

Shane’s talks focus on boosting staff morale and inspiring leadership teams.

To book Shane call 07463 888857 or email

After suffering crippling negativity throughout his childhood and teenage years, Shane turned round his brain to become an incredibly positive person.

He has since been a journalist in local regional and national newspapers, and has his own national newspaper, the Good News Post in partnership with Business Leader.

His talks give tips to inspire and help people get more positive thought lives.
They can last to suit the audience, from a quick 20 minutes, to 1 hour to an entire day with practical workshop and exercises.

Shane said: “Covid19 and the coronavirus crisis has helped further cripple millions with chronic anxiety, mental health and other negative side effects. There are widespread fears that the worst is to come.

“But there is hope. These talks give tips to fill minds, offices and organisations with inspiration and optimism.”

Andrew Scott, serial entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the Ascot Group, comments: “Shane is one of the most inspiring and engaging speakers I have ever seen. He never fails to motivate our 70+ staff, including the management and leadership teams; and the content he delivers is ideal for businesses and corporate organisations looking to achieve growth and deliver a morale boost.”

As founder and editor of the Good News Post, Shane also trains over 100 students aged 5 to 25 in schools and colleges across England to think positive and write inspirational stories.

To book Shane call 07463 888857 or email

You can visit his website here