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My Working Day – Amy Moring – Co-founder of Hunter & Gather

As the leader of a company, you are there to set an example, to lead and inspire a team of individuals to achieve a series of business goals. But, how do these business leaders go about their daily routine?

Business Leader spoke to Amy Moring – Co-founder of Hunter & Gather – about her working day.

What Time Do You Usually Wake Up?

The alarm goes off at 6:30am, Jeff (life partner and co-founder) has normally already bounced out of bed before then though! I take a touch more persuasion.

What Do You Typically Have for Breakfast?

A “Fat” Hunter & Gather coffee of course, with Modern Standard Coffee beans, 15ml of MCT coconut oil, 2 tsps of collagen and 15g of either ghee or grass-fed butter. If you haven’t tried it – it’s delicious and really sets you up for the day. It takes coffee to new heights!

What’s The Rest of Morning Routine Before You Start Work?

We aim to go for a walk, especially during lockdown – getting out for some morning sun is key. We work from home as the team are all remote – so our cat Milo comes for a morning walk too. He has become a bit of a local celebrity the walking cat.

First Thing You Do At Start Of Work Day?

Review what needs to be done for the day/week ahead. Jeff and I also have a weekly catch up meeting normally on a Monday to run through the key projects we are working on and how we can support each other and the rest of the team for that week to deliver our goals.

How Do You Prioritize Your Work?

Learning to say no, or not now is key – we are so lucky that so many opportunities come our way that we are sure to focus on what will really help deliver the overall goal.

Do You Plan Meetings or Keep them Fluid?

I am a big planner, I hate wasted time and lack of efficiency – however, we have been doing some Instagram Lives lately and they have helped me to relax more into a flow and see what happens with a conversation. I do hate meetings for meetings sake, however.

Working Lunch or Take A Break?

Take a break is really key, we are really pro flexible working – you may see me pop out for a ride on my horse midday or Jeff will go for a run. That reset really helps give you time to think and a bit of breathing space within a day. It has taken me a while to master this though – previously I would have been a work all the way through and keep going going going.

When Does Your Working Day End?

Normally we close the laptops around 5pm, however, we are flexible workers, so if you are not feeling it at 2pm – pause, take a break and see if you can come back to it later. You will very rarely see us working late into the evening, we would prefer to start earlier and finish earlier.

How Do You Prepare For Next Day?

Make a note of any key projects or actions that need completing and I personally email them to myself – I use my Inbox as a to-do list. It’s not a method that works for everyone but I have a rule I try to stick too to not read emails twice if it can be helped. If you open a mail and can sort it within 2 minutes (do it there and then).

Fav Piece of Tech?

Right now it’s probably Canva – so more of an online tool than a piece of Tech as such. It’s great for creating artworks, Instagram Images, website imagery etc.

How Do You Switch Off?

Walks, riding my horse Hippo or cooking are the best for me.

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received?

To live in the moment, not always strive for tomorrow. I am working on that still, as an entrepreneur, it can be hard to not keep pushing and pushing. Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself, the journey doesn’t have to be a struggle in every moment as you will burn yourself out.