My Working Day – Gourav Soni – Founder of 64 Facets

My Working Day
Gourav Soni

As the leader of a company, you are there to set an example, to lead and inspire a team of individuals to achieve a series of business goals. But, how do these business leaders go about their daily routine?

Business Leader spoke to Gourav Soni, Founder of 64 Facets, about his working day.

What time do you usually wake up?

I usually wake up at 6am every day.

What do you typically have for breakfast?

To get me started for the day I have two poached eggs, avocado and cherry tomatoes for breakfast.

What is the rest of your morning routine before you start work?

In the morning I do some light exercise and speak to my family in India before listening to podcasts on my commute to work.

What is the first thing you do at the start of your working day?

I always catch up on emails at the start of the day to ensure I am up to date on anything that has come through overnight.

How do you prioritize your day’s work?

Client calls such as requests for jewellery at various stores are top priority. On any given day, we have three to five qualified calls that we need to service and after each, I will speak to one of the store managers to get feedback and discuss any changes to ongoing strategy. After this, it is mainly housekeeping actions for the majority of the day.

Do you plan meetings or are they a waste of time?

I find the meetings I attend very useful and try to keep attendees to less than three. Smaller groups tend to be more focussed and result in more productive meetings.

Do you have a working lunch or is it good to take a break?

I always take a break for lunch by either meeting with my wife or friends in the city.

When does your working day finish?

My working day usually finishes around 5pm or 5:30pm.

How do you prepare for the next day’s work?

Before leaving the office, I will spend some time to map out the next day’s work in my mind. After this, I will tune off completely.

Favourite piece of technology?

Digital music.

How do you switch off?

Most of my work has little to no stress attached to it, or at least I feel that way. So, I don’t feel the need to switch on or off. I find that work is as much fun and just as rewarding as hanging out with friends or being at home. In the off chance that we face some rough weather, something as simple as taking a walk alone helps me a lot.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

The power of the ask. Most people are willing to help, if only we asked. We are too hesitant or worries about rejection and end up not asking at all. It’s the most practical and useful advice I have ever received.

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