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My Working Day – Pedro Martins Araújo – Director of Vinte Vinte Chocolate

As the leader of a company, you are there to set an example and to lead and inspire a team of individuals to achieve a series of business goals. But how do these business leaders go about their daily routine? We spoke to Pedro Martins Araújo, Director and Master Chocolatier at Vinte Vinte Chocolate about his working day.

What time do you wake up?

I wake up at 6.30am.

What do you typically have for breakfast?

For breakfast, I religiously have a mug of coffee and milk and toast with butter.

What is the rest of your morning routine?

I walk my dogs before commuting to work, it’s a route that usually takes me about an hour, time I use to mentally prepare for my day which I do in absolute silence.

What is the first thing you do at the start of your working day?

The very first thing I do at the start of my working day is to say good morning to the team, and then I head to my office and check my email box before going to a meeting.

How do you prioritise your day’s work?

I manage The Chocolate Story, the museum about cocoa and chocolate at the WOW cultural district, which is open every day of the year, without days off. Then I also manage the Vinte Vinte brand, with two stores in Portugal and distribution in seven different markets, including the UK. There are three high seasons for chocolate: Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Therefore, priorities change all the time.

    Do you plan meetings or are they a waste of time?

    I do plan meetings. Meetings are only a waste of time if someone allows something that should be an email to become the focus of a meeting, or if anyone in the meeting hasn’t prepared.

    Do you have a working lunch or do you take a break?

    Both apply, there is no norm.

    When does your working day finish?

    My working day ends sometime between 7pm and 8pm, I like to use that couple of hours that the office is empty to answer emails and prepare for the next day’s meetings.

    How do you prepare for the next day’s work?

    I use the commute home time to go analyse the day.

    What’s your favourite piece of technology?

    My LP Player.

    How do you switch off?

    My hobby is woodworking, I do furniture as a hobby, and some of the furniture in my house was actually made by me.

    What is the best piece of advice you have received?

    Companies are made of people.