My Working Day – Rachel Kettlewell – Founder of Fearne & Rosie

As the leader of a company, you are there to set an example, to lead and inspire a team of individuals to achieve a series of business goals. But how do these business leaders go about their daily routine? Business Leader spoke to Rachel Kettlewell – Founder of Fearne & Rosie, about her working day.

What time do you usually wake up?

Between 5.30 and 6 because I have 3 young children Fearne, Rosie … and George!

What do you typically have for breakfast?

A strong coffee! Followed by Fearne & Rosie Jam on toast of course.

What is the rest of your morning routine?

I’ll check any quick emails, perhaps post on Instagram, respond to any quick questions and make sure everything is ‘on track’ for the day. Then I put my phone away. I’ll sit with the children, help the girls get ready for school and try to make them laugh.

Mornings can be such a rush. I’m really trying to model a calm start to the day.

Life is busy and we’re always rushing. I’m conscious that modelling being happy and content to slow down and enjoy the moments of calm is important too.

What is the first thing you do at the start of your working day?

I check my list for the week and then I write a mini list for the day. Helps keep me focused and I add to it and move things around as the day goes on.

How do you prioritise your day’s work?

My lovely mentor and now business partner once told me that, no matter what anyone tells you, there’s actually only 3 or 4 things that need to be done in a day. The rest can wait.

Do you plan meetings or are they a waste of time?

Both. My day will have meetings booked in but also lots of moving parts which I like. I really couldn’t do sitting at desk all day. I need to break it up.

Do you have a working lunch or is it good to take a break?

100% take a break. I must admit my break is usually around 2… I’ll run out of steam by then. Go outside, walk, run, do something different and then back to it until school pick up.

When does your working day finish?

Depending on the day I’ll break for school pick up or to collect the children from my parents… I’m so lucky that I have them to help. After bedtime I’ll pick back up for a few hours but I try to make sure that over the week I take some evenings ‘off’. I’m learning that I’m actually more productive if I remind myself to take breaks.

How do you prepare for the next day’s work?

Scheduled send is my favourite invention of all time! Ha! Many an email will be ready to ping through the following 8am! Ticking off my list and adding anything I’ve missed to my ‘week’ list and then bedtime!

What’s your favourite piece of technology?

Other than scheduled send… I’d probably say WhatsApp… quick, simple and everyone has it.

How do you switch off?

Read a good book, spend time with my family and friends… I really like running too but need to make more time for it. And you know, wine is also berry helpful!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Gosh, so many!

Consistently good defines outstanding.

Always look back on how far you’ve come.

And yes you can!