My Working Day – Sophie Parkhouse – Partner at Albert Goodman

As the leader of a company, you are there to set an example, to lead and inspire a team of individuals to achieve a series of business goals. But how do these business leaders go about their daily routine? Business Leader spoke to Sophie Parkhouse – Partner at Albert Goodman, about her working day.

What time do you wake up?

6am – bright and early everyday!

What do you have for breakfast?

Scrambled tofu, spinach, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes – my husband moans that I literally have three cooked meals a day but a healthy body is a healthy mind!

What is your mantra for your working day?

To be the best that I can be!

As a business leader, is it hard to separate your business and personal life?

I do not really see them as totally separate. Who I am at home very much influences who I am within the workplace and vice versa – and I think each area of my life benefits from this. I do not tend to mind when there is an imbalance on either side as long as I generally get the right blend.

What advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Regularly reflect and always make sure that you are happy. If we ever find ourselves in a situation in which we are not happy then ultimately we will not be performing to our best and that is when we need to make a change.

Who is your business idol? Why?

Sacha Romanovitch. She was the first female to run a large accountancy firm, she is now the CEO of Fair4All Finance, an organisation with real purpose, and is all round, in my opinion, a fantastic business leader.

What motivates you?

What seems to be an inbuilt default within me to always want to make a difference

How do you persevere through challenging times?

Knowing that all I can ever do is my best and that is enough.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a female entrepreneur?

I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur but definitely someone who is passionate about business. This isn’t necessarily a challenge but I do at times need to be extra resilient to the casual comments from other Mums or families who have aspirations that differ from my own. Perhaps when I am not in the playground, I miss school events or I am not there when my daughter is unwell, I can let the” Mum guilt” kick in! When I am feeling less questioned though I am 100% confident that I am able to be a better Mum because of these things.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

It isn’t all about you! Earlier on in my career, I was always focussed on what I wanted to achieve and did not think about my impact on others as much as I should have. Realising that what other people thought of me really mattered and the fact that I needed to bring people along with me if I was going to achieve, made a huge difference. Once this clicked I couldn’t believe how I had not recognised this sooner. Our impact on others is so important.

Are you hopeful about the future of female entrepreneurship in the UK? Why?

I am hopeful about entrepreneurship, not just for females but for all. I regularly work with all of the trainees within our business, from different backgrounds, areas of the business and across qualifications and I am always amazed and excited by the originality and creativity that they bring to the challenges that I set.