Mytraffic closes a €10m Series A funding led by Alven

Mytraffic, a European data insights firm for physical places, has raised €10m with Alven as lead investor, alongside Kernel, participating as an existing investor. The company plans to use the funds to develop its product features and accelerate its growth in the UK, as well as France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Mytraffic provides accurate and dynamic insights on physical places (stores, malls, offices or logistic centres) to retail, real estate, asset owners and cities through its SaaS platform. The exclusive data and cutting edge software allow property owners to set the right rental price, retail networks to select the best locations for expansion, malls marketing managers to select areas to activate their marketing efforts, or city planners to assess the impact of a week-long food fair on the attractiveness of the city.

From providing reliable footfall data to retailers to supporting their expansion decisions in 2016, the company has extended its data use cases, leveraging thousands of hours of R&D, to new sectors such as real estate and cities. The company now offers a SaaS platform with comprehensive data on 1 million physical locations in Europe, ranging from historical and real-time visitor volumes to visitor profiles and origins.

Mytraffic’s core value is to accelerate and improve decisions on where, when and how much to invest in a specific area or location, to improve asset performance, to reduce the risk of decisions made and to monitor their impact over time.

“Thanks to Mytraffic accurate real-world data, physical asset owners and public decision-makers can now make evidence-based decisions, just as what e-retailers have been doing in the digital world for many years. It is a genuine revolution and this is what convinced us to partner with them,” says Rodolphe Menegaux, Partner at Alven.