Navigating The New Normal: ORESA survey results

As the business community looks to the future post-lockdown, this is the first of ORESA’s pulse surveys. This initiative has been designed to provide UK leaders with insight into how peers are feeling, adapting their thinking, and evolving their strategies.

ORESA – a specialist executive search, headhunters and growth architects firm – will be providing regular surveys on what the future of business will look like, as we adapt to this new business world.

Founder and CEO, Orlando Martins, comments: “As a growth architect and headhunter, I know all too well how critical the right strategy and strong leadership are to business success. It is therefore greatly encouraging that the spirit of UK PLC is one of action, realignment, and positivity.

“The pandemic has accelerated the tipping point on societal and consumer behaviour shifts but in the face of adversity, leaders march on.”

Shareholders can rest easy in the knowledge that 94% of leaders surveyed have the technology they need to do their jobs and only 27% believe lockdown has negatively affected their ability to do their job.

Whilst lockdown has been challenging for many, it would appear that leaders have discovered positive new ways of working.

53% of respondents report that lockdown has positively affected their home life, and a significant number are reassessing their work-life balance as a result.

ORESA are not surprised by this, given that leaders work on average 62.5 hours per week and are often away from home. Great news for families, not so good for family lawyers.

The firm are also encouraged by the fact that respondents do not feel their pre-COVID stress factors have increased, suggesting high resilience levels. That said, this may just reinforce the notion that leaders live with high levels of anxiety anyway – ‘it’s lonely at the top’ syndrome.

They may well be living off the adrenalin from facing some of the most intellectually stimulating business challenges of their careers.

Given that 33% report feeling more anxious, and there is likely to be an adrenalin drop as we move from crisis into refresh phase, we would advise Chairs and CEOs alike to take a proactive approach to helping those that may be suffering.

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