Nebula to host Elevate Azure at Ashton Gate Stadium

Nebula has announced they will be joining Microsoft, Westcoast Cloud and Intel to deliver the Elevate Azure event at Ashton Gate Stadium.

The Elevate Azure event will cover an overview of Microsoft Azure, its key business benefits and how it relates to every unique cloud journey.

This free event will take place tomorrow, 30th June, at Ashton Gate Stadium where the team will talk guests through how to best utilise Azure, helping to improve their efficiency, cut costs and upgrade cloud usage.

Nebula is an IT support company for businesses of varying sizes, providing cloud-based software, IT infrastructure and end-user support.

Nebula is a keen Azure user, and many Nebula customers may be using Azure products, such as Office 365, without realising it. The event aims to enable attendees to get the most out of their use of Azure products.

The event will include lessons on how to:

  • Make Azure work harder for a business.
  • Use Azure to help reduce IT overheads.
  • Properly manage a cloud environment.

Additionally, attendees can expect to learn about what it means to adopt a cloud mindset, the value and versatility of the platform, challenges that users might face, and the business benefits of deploying Azure properly.

According to Nebula, optimising Azure can help to improve efficiency across the board, reduce overheads and improve security.

The event will run from 10am – 2pm.