Looking for tech talent? Then Holland is the place to go

Downtown Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For businesses looking to make their mark in Europe and beyond, having access to the best talent is a must.

Thanks to a highly educated, innovation-focused and English-speaking workforce, those looking to nurture their tech, innovation and R&D talent are increasingly turning to the Netherlands; fueling the country’s burgeoning status as one of Europe’s fastest growing tech hubs.

Netflix, Fujifilm and Booking.com sit alongside innovation driven start-ups Quiqup, Decoded and Huddle as having established tech and innovation divisions in the Netherlands in 2017 alone, following in the footsteps of some of the world’s biggest media and tech names including Go Pro, Google and Adyen.

David Wells, Chief Financial Officer at Netflix said: “We always search for the best talent in the world, and it’s easy to attract in Amsterdam.”

Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman of IBM Europe said:Our presence in the Netherlands is a crucial part of IBM’s business. The Dutch have a focus on innovation, and highly educated resources, which allow them to conduct ground breaking research.”

Bosch Security Systems’ HR Director, Rindert Kroos, said: “As the world’s smartest region, Eindhoven is a global magnet for high tech talent. In Brabant, we enjoy close co-operation with world renowned science and technical universities that are home to a third of Brabant’s higher education students”.

However, it is not just established corporates using the Netherlands as their base for European and global expansion.

London-based tech start-up Quiqup provides on-demand, short-distance last-mile logistics services to businesses and consumers, bringing high-street logistics solutions to small businesses.

Having experienced 170% year-on-year growth since launch, and facilitating the delivery of over 650,000 orders, Quiqup has turned to the Netherlands and the country’s R&D talent, to help facilitate the company’s rapid growth.

Tim Linssen, Head of Product and Co-Founder at Quiqup said: “We looked at several options over the last six months to evaluate where we should expand our R&D into – in the end, we made the strategic decision to do so in Amsterdam.

“Why? Mainly because the R&D and tech ecosystem is very established and uniquely appealing for people looking to recruit the finest talent in tech.”

The Netherlands tops the leader board both when it comes to Global Connectedness and Globalisation, and Amsterdam’s burgeoning start-up culture in particular is gaining attention, recently being ranked as 2016/2017’s European Capital of Innovation.

With over 180 nationalities and an overwhelming majority of the population speaking English, it’s become the top choice for start-ups and multinational corporates alike in establishing their place at the coalface of European technology and innovation.