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New alliance boosts ‘Cambridge technology powerhouse’

Rob Moss, CEO at Excell Group.

Rob Moss, CEO at Excell Group.

Two of Cambridge’s top firms have announced a new strategic alliance to help their delivery of crucial IT infrastructure and digital transformation programmes to a growing portfolio of customers across the UK.

Managed services provider EACS has joined forces with Excell, a leading provider of unified communications.

The two companies have become principal service providers of choice in the UK, with EACS leading the way in professional and managed IT services and Excell in providing bespoke communications infrastructure.

The alliance will enable both companies to work together and play to the strengths of their own service portfolio, while making sure the right solution is put in place to meet the needs of their clients.

In turn, their growing portfolios of customers across the UK will now have access to a wider range of expertise in IT and digital transformation solutions to guarantee a return on investment.

Stuart Dickinson, COO at EACS, said: “Our partnership with Excell is built on reputation and shared values. EACS’s ethos has always been about creating the right solution and using the right partner for the right service, all for the benefit of our respected customers and prospects.

“Delivering leading technology solutions has never been a one-size-fits-all answer. By collaborating with a well-respected provider of unified communications like Excell, we will be able to play to each other’s strengths and make sure that all our customers have access to trustworthy and transparent service providers, as well as the leading-edge and bespoke technology solutions they require.”

The alliance will see Excell and its customers benefit hugely from EACS’s pioneering expertise in the area of professional and managed IT services, while EACS will gain access to a range of new customers in Excell’s rapidly-expanding portfolio.

Rob Moss, CEO at Excell Group, said: “Excell is a major leader in the UK when it comes to unified communications and providing small and medium-sized businesses with a bespoke solution of connectivity and service.

“Since our founding in 1992, we have built a reputation for excellence and integrity amongst hundreds of customers, partners and analysts.

“We believe that our philosophy and focus on quality and honesty is very much shared by EACS, which is why we’re delighted to be now working alongside them and seeing our customers reap the benefits.”

With more than 50 years of joint experience of delivering strategic technology solutions, the two companies have recently secured their place on the 2019 top 100 Cambridge companies list.

The alliance is a further indication of the strides and innovation the Cambridge technology powerhouse is making.

Dickinson added: “We have worked hard to create this very honest, pragmatic, and outcome-based alliance that puts our customers first and opens up other avenues of revenue for both parties.

Stuart Dickinson, COO at EACS.

Stuart Dickinson, COO at EACS.

“Alongside Excell, we are looking forward to making sure that businesses of all sizes across the UK can alleviate the complexities of IT and gain access to the most innovative and game-changing technologies out there.

“Most importantly, the alliance guarantees that this is done in a way that ensures the technology is fitted around the customer’s specific business needs in order to guarantee a return on investment.”