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New community partnership

Priory SchoolA new partnership between Priory Community School – an Academy Trust – and a thriving new health centre is being launched.

Around 12 Priory Community School students will design a confidential health questionnaire for all 1,200 students in partnership with the new St Georges Health Centre based across the road in Pastures Avenue.

The aim of the on-going partnership is to see an improvement in health and health awareness issues of students and even their parents.

St Georges Health Centre is now fully open and taking new patients in Pastures Avenue opposite PCSA behind the Magistrates’ Court. This new project is an attempt to partner to improve health in the community.

Practice Manager Steve Edwards said the partnership will involve youngsters visiting the health centre to chat to doctors and experts.

He said: “We are trying to do health awareness and work in new ways which is far more pro-active on healthcare than attempting to solve problems when they arise.
“We are keen to change the health lifestyles of the community.”

Students involved in the partnership will also often be exploring future careers in healthcare as doctors, nurses or in other related avenues.

PCSA’s ‘Student Voice’ co-ordinator Julie Finlayson said: “Priory students are remarkably innovative and love the whole idea of investigating data and coming up with solutions.”

For more information on the health centre call at their base or Telephone 01934 527681.