New energy supplier aims to shake up the UK gas and electricity market

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Gas energyThe Yorkshire region now has a new entrant which is looking to shake up the UK gas and electricity market.

Yorkshire Energy, an independent company based in Leeds, has said its top priorities are to offer its customers competitive tariffs and excellent customer service by retaining a strong local focus.

Yorkshire Energy’s executive chairman, Peter Connolly, said: “As a Yorkshire-based company, we believe in good value, excellent service and fair, easy to understand tariffs.

“Customers are increasingly voting with their feet and leaving the larger providers to find a better deal from one of the newer suppliers who are cheaper and more responsive. We’ve been working on this new offer in the domestic energy market for a number of years and now we are live.”

The team of Yorkshire Energy combines private sector expertise with public service values.

The company’s staff is made up of people that have worked in a range of roles across the gas and electricity industries, but the company has said it will also bring experience in technology, government, social enterprise, finance and renewables.

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  1. Good! Regardless of if they turn out to be good or bad, this is needed. The big guys have been playing with a false sense of competition and in turn the customers have been burned annually. I recently moved into a new flat (8 months ago) and started looking on the usual sites (uswitch etc) and then I found two really good looking startups on a unrelated forum. “Bulb” and “Octopus energy”. I went with bulb because I found a referral link with a bonus (£50) and I have to say it’s been great!. No trouble, they pick up quickly and their app is cake to use (not to mention no more paper in the mail). Here’s my link if anyone’s still looking around:

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