New hand disinfectant machine essential to help stop COVID-19 spread launches

A new automatic hand disinfectant machine that inactivates 99% of bacteria and germs on the hands is needed in every workplace in the country to stop the spread of coronavirus.

With many businesses slowly starting to return and schools opening their doors again, a second spike of the deadly virus would be devastating for the whole country. Staying alert is the message from the Government and the public still have a huge role to play.

Hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases and the new Clean Hand machine is set to play a huge part in workplaces across the country.

Clean Hand is a very practical and effective device specially designed for adults and children that can sanitise hands safely and is being distributed by Clean Trolley, who are also introducing a supermarket trolley cleaning machine into the UK which effectively kills off COVID-19.

“Every industry is having to put hygiene measures in place to help prevent employees from getting infected and the spread of coronavirus,” said the company’s MD Mike Wilkinson.

“Clean Hand can be used at hotels, restaurant entrances, airports, schools, museums, shopping centres, private companies, subway entrances – and anywhere else.”

When hands are placed into the hand sanitiser system, detection sensors start the spraying process. The disinfectant is sprayed intensively on the top part of the hand for about 3-4 seconds. Once left for a further two seconds, the hands are completely disinfected.

Clean Hand will also provide a 70% water saving and 10,000 hands can be disinfected with just one disinfectant filling. And thanks to the 19 -screen and remote access placed on the device, it can detect how many people use it.

“With more and more people starting to go back to work to help get the economy up and running again, the potential for another wave of the coronavirus has increased,” added Mike.

“But devices to prevent the spread such as Clean Hand are out there and the uptake for them is enormous. Clean Hand is crucial for every workplace if the country is going to win its battle against the coronavirus.”

For more information on Clean Hand, contact Mike Wilkinson by phone on 01254 706348/07538 868206 or by email at