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A new reserved powers model of devolution in Wales has come into force this week, putting more decisions into the hands of Welsh Ministers, giving them important new levers to grow the Welsh economy and to deliver better public services across Wales.

The new model places Welsh devolution on a firmer foundation, making clearer what is devolved, and the responsibility of the National Assembly for Wales, and what is reserved – and the responsibility of Parliament.

The Assembly and Welsh Ministers will also today gain a raft of new powers to make a real difference to the lives of people in Wales, including over bus and taxi services, Welsh ports and elections to the Assembly and local government.

The new reserved powers model will take effect on at the same day time as the first new devolved Welsh taxes enabled by the last Wales Act, and just a year before the Assembly and Welsh Ministers take responsibility for a portion of income tax.

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said:The new reserved powers model for Wales provides more transparent government, with more clearly defined responsibilities for both the UK and devolved level. Taken with the fiscal framework – which gives funding certainty for Wales over the longer-term – Welsh devolution is now on a strong footing to deliver for the people of Wales.

“And in changing the model of devolution today, we are also seeing the devolution of wide-ranging new powers to the National Assembly.

“From decisions over ports, taxis and bus regulation and teachers’ pay, to decisions on the electoral system for the Assembly and Welsh local government, all these decisions will now be taken in the Senedd.

“To me that is responsible devolution; that is real devolution and I think that is vital for Wales and for the UK. The Welsh Government now needs to be innovative with the opportunities these new powers provide and deliver the improvements in devolved services that the people of Wales deserve.”

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