New print service launches for artisan food and drink businesses

Photo of Mark Cornford, Managing Director of Integrity Print

Integrity Print MD, Mark Cornford

Integrity Print has launched a new service to meet the needs of artisan food and drink manufacturers who require bespoke, high quality labels with small print runs.

The newly launched ‘Ready, Willing and Label’ brand offers support through all aspects of label design and production. Jobs are printed on a dedicated digital labels press that makes the service ideal for low volume production runs, as well as offering opportunities to create dedicated labels for different events or to highlight special offers.

All types of label material and printing techniques are available to suit the style and branding of companies for whom the look of their packaging is key to their product positioning.

Ready Willing and Label has already worked with several microbreweries who each wanted very different styles of label. These have ranged from matt labels with designs highlighting the character and personality of Cotswold Ciders to minimalist transparent labels to match the brand style and quality of Three Daggers bottled beers.

“Large organisations like ours can seem faceless and difficult to approach for small independent producers, so we decided to set up a new brand to make it easier for these companies to engage with us. We wanted to show that we speak the same language as our clients whatever the size of your business,” explained Andrew Law, sales and marketing director at Integrity Print.

“Ready Willing and Label is agile enough to handle small projects but has the expertise and resources of Integrity Print available to handle mass label production if required.”