New report shows that 85% of business leaders not happy with their HR tech projects

UNLEASH, the world’s largest HR leadership community, has revealed the findings from their inaugural 2020 HR Tech Adoption Report ‘Why HR Projects Fail’.

According to the findings, an alarming 85% of respondents – who have a combined estimated budget of $3bn for HR Tech projects – were not fully satisfied that their programmes achieved their intended goals.

Only 16% consider their HR technology projects to have been highly successful. Whilst technology booms across most business sectors, when it comes to HR it is still finding its feet. The appetite for change is there, but the majority of businesses seem unable to achieve their project goals.

The research also revealed that only 11% of those surveyed believed their HR Tech projects improved employee experience as intended. With employees front and centre of any business, there is a clear need for action in order to help improve the employee experience.

In addition to projects not achieving goals or improving employee experience, the research also uncovered the following significant challenges:

• More than 40% of respondents reported three or more problems that directly impacted project success. These included things such as data not being clean (30%), users not being ready for functionality, and poor change management (29%)

• 19% of respondents reported that they were too focused on technology rather than what the technology was intended to achieve

• 46% of HR Tech projects were reported to take longer to implement than originally planned

While the data highlights a historical lack of success for the average HR technology project, there is hope, and lessons that can be learned. Qualitatively, the research found that those projects that succeeded are rooted in an understanding that HR technology is more than just a system upgrade, and are often projects where HR Technology is the gateway to business transformation.

The research also affirms the long-held belief that highly successful projects are those that redesign jobs, careers, and workflows – and use HR technology to enable the future of work.

For ‘Why HR Projects Fail’, UNLEASH worked with SurveyMonkey, ServiceNow and Walkme to uncover insights from over 700 leaders globally who have been involved in major technology projects in the last four years.

In response to the findings UNLEASH have developed eight golden rules that they hope will ensure success across HR technology projects.

More information on the eight golden rules and the details of the Why HR Projects Fail report can be found here

Marc Coleman, UNLEASH Founder and CEO, said: “I’m excited to unveil our eight golden rules for HR Project Success and hope that with them, businesses can start to leverage HR Technology in the right way. Organisations that strategise what they want to achieve and work with their technology partners to stick to that vision are more likely to achieve transformational outcomes.”