New site opportunities for proposed Bristol Arena

Artwork for the proposed Bristol Arena

Work is continuing on the Bristol Arena project and according to the progress report from Bristol City Council, there is an alternate site now available.

The update confirms that the council, together with South Gloucestershire and WECA, will consider the deliverability and affordability on the new proposal brought forward by private sector developer, YTL, alongside ongoing work to pursue an arena on the Temple Quarter site.

YTL has expressed an interest in developing an arena within the Brabazon Hangar at Filton as part of its wider, residential-led, development proposals.

In November, Mayor Marvin Rees announced a pause in pre-construction work at Temple Quarter while a previously-commissioned independent Value for Money review was completed by KPMG.

In the meantime, discussions with the contractor and operator have continued, including looking at value engineering work and the overall deliverability of the project.

Mayor Marvin Rees said: “Not enough work was done on options in the first place.  Now a second option has come forward more formally, giving us two potential schemes to look at.

“Inevitably this also brings a need for more information and we need to fully evaluate this new proposal and the associated infrastructure costs. We have already gone a long way down the road with the Temple Quarter project and the council needs to be confident that it can make a like-for-like comparison when informing final proposals and taking a decision.

“I am 100% committed to delivering an arena for Bristol and I want to be sure we are fully informed on the options for achieving this at a cost the city can afford.  We are therefore pressing ahead with further detailed examination of the two most viable options. We will update Cabinet again in April.”

The report will be formally presented to Bristol City Council’s Cabinet for consideration at its next meeting on 23 January.