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New study reveals Reading is the best city for UK job seekers in 2022

New research reveals the UK’s best cities for job seekers in 2022, with over 13,000 job listings on Indeed, from Reading to Manchester. The study by analysed the 30 most populated towns and cities across the UK on their number of Indeed job listings, to reveal the best UK destinations to relocate to for work.

The UK Towns & Cities with the Most Job Opportunities

Rank City Population Job Listings on Indeed Listings per 100,000 People
1 Reading 160,337 3,945 2,460
2 Manchester 555,741 13,299 2,393
3 Bristol 465,866 11,041 2,370
4 Norwich 142,177 3,024 2,127
5 Nottingham 337,098 6,174 1,832
6 Southampton 252,872 3,994 1,579
7 Newcastle upon Tyne 306,824 4,180 1,362
8 Northampton 230,070 2,875 1,250
9 Edinburgh 527,620 6,472 1,227
10 Derby 256,814 3,129 1,218


The place with the greatest job opportunities per person is Reading, where there are currently just under 2,500 job listings per 100,000 people. Reading is one of the largest towns in the UK yet to be granted city status, but its proximity to London makes it a popular place for commuters to live.

One of the biggest cities in the North of England, Manchester, takes second place. While Manchester is much bigger than Reading, the number of jobs on offer is still high, with 13,299 listed on Indeed, equating to just under 2,400 per 100,000 people.

Another of the country’s major cities comes in third place, with Bristol having 2,370 job openings per 100,000 people. Bristol’s economy is built on the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries, with its city-centre docklands area being regenerated and becoming a hub for businesses.

The research also revealed the best UK towns & cities to move to by industry:

Industry Town/City Job Listings on Indeed Listings per 100,000 People
Accountancy Reading 276 172
Construction Reading 444 277
Customer service Reading 2,318 417
Engineering Reading 632 394
Healthcare Norwich 880 619
HR Manchester 365 66
IT Reading 156 97
Marketing Manchester 667 120
Nursing Norwich 312 219
Teacher Reading 114 71


When looking at 10 of the most popular industries, once again Reading has the most job openings, topping the ranks for six out of ten of the industries, including accountancy, teaching and IT.

Manchester was the top city for two industries, marketing and HR, having seen a big increase in people moving for work in these industries recently.