New study reveals that only just over a fifth of senior executives at crypto firms are female

New research recently revealed the employee gender divide within the crypto industry – with top companies averaging just 21.6% senior female staff.

The study from Forex Suggest analysed the CEOs, board members and executives of the world’s biggest crypto companies to discover which ones are the most and least diverse.

Gender split of the largest crypto companies:

Rank Crypto/blockchain company Total disclosed funding  Female  Male Total board members  Female % Male %
1 Binance $2,000,000,000 3 7 10 30.0% 70.0%
2 FTX $1,829,000,000 1 5 6 16.7% 83.3%
3 NYDIG $1,355,000,000 1 7 8 12.5% 87.5%


Binance, the biggest of the crypto companies studied, has a gender split of 30% female to 70% male employees. The second largest crypto company, FTX has just 16.7% female senior staff members, ranking 19th overall.

The five most equally gender split crypto companies:

Rank Crypto/blockchain company Total disclosed funding  Female  Male Total board members  Female % Male %
1 Forte Labs $910,000,000 5 4 9 55.6% 44.4%
2 Chainalysis $367,000,000 6 7 13 46.2% 53.8%
3 Blockdaemon $402,000,000 4 5 9 44.4% 55.6%
4 Amber Group $328,000,000 4 8 12 33.3% 66.7%
4 Paxos $535,000,000 2 4 6 33.3% 66.7%


1. Forte Labs, 55.6% of the top employees are female:

Forte Labs is the only company in the top 30 list with more females than males working at the highest level. There are five females in the top team at Forte Labs (including Co-founder Lauren Valdez), compared to just four males.

2. Chainalysis, 46.2% of the top employees are female:

Blockchain data platform Chainalysis has the second-highest proportion of females in its top team, as six of the thirteen-member leadership team are female, this equates to just over 46%.

3. Blockdaemon, 44.4% of the top employees are female:

Blockdaemon is another company that works with blockchains, and they have just over 44% of their leadership team made up of females. There are nine total members of the leadership team, and four of them are female.

Further findings:

  • The most common trait of the 32 CEOs and founders studied is that 100% of them are male. The USA is the most common birthplace with nine born stateside. France is the only other nation where multiple crypto CEOs were born, all the other countries only had one CEO.
  • Of the crypto CEOs studied, 93.3% of them achieved at least a degree level education, with the most common university addended being Harvard with four CEOs studying at the institution.
  • There were only three institutions that attracted more than one CEO to study there. In joint second, both with three CEOs attending, are Oxford and Stanford University.
  • The field of study most commonly shared was economics, as eight CEOs studied the subject at university. Unsurprisingly, for an online cryptocurrency bunch, Computer Science was the second most studied subject with six. There was a four-way tie for third, with two CEOs having studied international business, electrical engineering, physics, or general management.