New Year’s Resolution – communicate like never before


Welcome to 2020 and hopefully a resolution to Brexit. Even if Boris hits all his deadlines, the process will not be plain sailing and your customers are going to face new challenges and uncertainties, so you are going to need to communicate with them more than ever before.

That is, of course, easier said than done, but one organisation which is proving a massive asset to UK companies in these interesting times is Konnexx.

The Lincolnshire-based company built its reputation on a system known as Virtual Territorial Management – VTM – which for years has been proven to save costs and increase sales.

Some of its clients read like a who’s who of global blue chip conglomerates including Pepsico, Johnson & Johnson, AkzoNobel and Mars to name but a few, plus a string of much smaller organisations.

Konnexx is the brainchild of Managing Director Simon Morris who said: “Our job is to increase sales and distribution, to be a more cost-effective route to market and to build long-term, profitable relationships for companies of all sizes.

“In essence VTM does what a rep does without a visit, so it is a very cost-effective route to market. We keep and develop the customer relationship much better than a face-to-face meeting with a rep would do.

“There is a new reality about the whole sales environment and, generally, sales people are much more efficient when they are working from inside than outside. Also, customers don’t really want a salesperson to arrive on their doorstep unless they think a face to face visit is critical, which they rarely do.”

Konnexx has also recently launched a new package – Brexit Customer Communication Service (BCCS) aimed at safeguarding a company’s business during the Brexit process.

“Even after the resounding Tory election success, companies of all sizes are still apprehensive as to what lays ahead but the one certainty is that communication is vital, and that is where our Brexit service comes in,” said Mr Morris.

“Trade agreements will change, regulations will change and the way a lot of us operate will have to change, but all this will take time and during the transition companies will need to adopt strategies on how they communicate with their customers.

“That communication must be through professional, high-level interaction which is a service at the core of Konnexx. This is what we do. Our role is to look after our client’s customers whether the target is to sell more products or help them through the Brexit process.”

Konnexx’s core service, VTM, builds a long-term customer relationship, creating intelligence on buying habits and building in-depth data sets around an individual customer.

He continued: “Back in the 60s, field sales were key. They were providers of information and added value by ferrying information backwards and forwards. If a business wanted to sell something, it had to send salespeople to the customer.

“Modern technology has broken down the divide and a customer can get all the detail he or she wants via social media or many online platforms.”

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