Newable Podcast: Episode 4 – Streamlining US Employment and Human Resources Management

Newable Avitus’ Business Development Director Morgan Pierstorff will host America Made Easy.

Newable Avitus’ Business Development Director Morgan Pierstorff will host America Made Easy.

As international firms scale in the US market, they increasingly face the burden of navigating a complex regulatory environment that differs from state to state. This is particularly true when it comes to employing people. All US employers must comply with both federal and state labour regulations governing everything from workers compensation insurance, employee benefits and payroll taxes.

Key differences exist with how US workers access healthcare and how companies approach safety and risk management in the market. Furthermore, international investors must ensure they classify employees in accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) frameworks and that state and federal payroll taxes are remitted as appropriate.

International investors employing people on the ground in the US face a steep learning curve from a compliance perspective—even US domestic firms find their compliance responsibilities as an employer burdensome. For this reason, many US companies outsource the management of payroll and human resources to experts such as Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs).

In episode 4 of the America Made Easy Podcast, we explore the compliance requirements that international companies employing talent in the US face and consider options for managing those responsibilities with Josh Balster, President and CEO of Avitus Group. Josh leads the Avitus International Team and in Episode 4 shares his years of experience helping international investors work through their employment challenges in the US market. We talk through the PEO model in the U.S. and how international investors can leverage it to streamline payroll and human resources so that they can focus on revenue growth.

Tune in to our 4th full length episode to gain a deeper understanding of the unique aspects of people management in the US market and tools available to companies, such as Co-Employment, to ensure they do not run afoul of federal or state regulations. This episode will leave listeners with a clearer understanding of how they can move forward with their U.S. hiring and human resource management in a way that minimizes overhead and provides their employees with the benefits essential to maintaining great talent.



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