Nil point for Tory Eurovision tweeter, Lib Dem pledge second EU referendum and Corbyn joins grime music group – Politics roundup

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Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn joins grime group BBK

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Tory councillor suspended over Eurovision tweet

Conservative magistrate Nick Harrington has been suspended for six months over a racist tweet he sent out during the annual Eurovision Song Contest. In his apparent disgust at Ireland not giving any points to UK entry, Lucie Jones, he said: “#Eurovision2017 thanks Ireland. You can keep your f****** gypsies! Hard border coming folks!”

No surprise that the police and Warwick council have been contacted. Harrington has now deleted his account.

Conservatives to scrap Severn Crossing toll

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her party’s plans to scrap all tolls levied on the Severn Bridge and the Second Severn Crossing.

Tolls on the bridges are currently £6.70 for cars and £13.40/£20 for larger vehicles, depending on their size.

Key ally of Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour cannot win election

One of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s key allies, Unite union boss Len McCluscky has admitted it would be ‘extraordinary’ if they were to win the election on the 8th June.

McCluscky said that if the party were to win 200 seats, 30 less than 2015 election, that would constitute a successful campaign.

Liberal Democrat manifesto announcement pledges new EU referendum

The Lib Dems have released their manifesto for the 2017 General Election and at the heart of it is a a pledge for a second referendum on Brexit, once negotiations are complete. Their plan is to ‘let the people decide’ before anything is official about Britain’s EU status.

Other pledges include housing benefits for 18-21 year olds, discounted bus passes for young and old and to increase the number of armed forces personnel.

UK unemployment falls but inflation rates rise

The UK unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest mark in 42 years – 4.6% – as the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show. However, last month official figures from the Bank of England show that inflation is now at 2.7% – the highest since 2013.

#grime4corbyn – Labour Leader appears as Boy Better Know member

Jeremy Corbyn has been listed as a founding member of the worldwide grime music group as part of a combined effort to get more young people involved in politics and this year’s election.

Genuine founding member JME met with Corbyn recently to discuss his plans for Britain and what he can do to get people to sign up to vote.

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