North Somerset business leader joins Sir Richard for awards

Priory Principal Neville Coles (left); Andrew Scott (right) and Priory students

Leading North Somerset business figure Andrew Scott joined Sir Richard Branson to celebrate the successes of Priory School students at its recent awards night.

Andrew Scott, who is Managing Director of The North Somerset Business Leader, as well as a number of other businesses, was guest speaker at the Winter Gardens for the Academy Trust’s annual awards evening.

He spoke alongside Sir Richard who gave a video message to students, parents and staff.

Sir Richard told the school how delighted he was that the school had officially named their £1.4 million support-to-learn centre after him.

Then Mr Scott presented 300 awards to students for a variety of achievements.

Mr Scott comments: “Our company is all about innovation and I can see that PCSA and their success is down to putting students first and using innovation to make their education better and better.

“It is certainly working and it has is an honour to present so many awards to so many student success stories.”

Sir Richard Branson also congratulated the students on their successes and encouraged them to go “for the impossible” in their lives.

He said: “I hear that you’re all about putting students first, doing things differently, trying new things, not fearing failure, and for instilling a culture among students that ‘all things are possible’.

“They are excellent values and some of the reasons why Virgin is a world-class business today. Keep thinking differently, keep believing, and go for your dreams.”

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