North Somerset firm launches to help businesses cut energy costs

Robert Lamoon

Energy Savvy’s Robert Lamoon

A Portishead businessman has said that despite the expected cuts in government subsidy for the installation of solar panels, there is still much that companies can do to save energy and money.

The cut in the FiT rate, from 43.3p per kilowatt hour to 21p, is a big blow for many businesses that were looking to go solar but according to Robert Lamoon, who has just launched Energy Savvy, firms should not be downbeat.

“Energy Savvy has been launched to help companies maximise their profits by reducing their energy expenditure by up to 40 per cent.

“By using our services, companies can reduce their energy expenditure significantly and help the environment,” Robert comments.

Energy Savvy helps companies reduce their energy costs by conducting free energy surveys to assess the individual client’s needs.

“We have one of the most advanced and capable ‘Smart Meters’ on the market; it displays real time energy usage to allow clients to monitor and understand their energy consumption.

“This is the first and main step to exposing energy wastage to allow a strategy to be drawn up to address energy inefficiency,” Robert comments further.

Energy Savvy not only highlights any issues, but also recommends a unique range of cutting edge energy saving solutions to address various inefficient applications.

“The energy saving products we offer also have a secondary benefit,” explains Robert, “they increase profit margins by reducing the maintenance costs of different appliances such as lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration or motors.

“We also offer a pay as you save plan which means any investment risk is removed because the savings made can reimburse the outlay to provide immediate return on investment.”

While many businesses have turned to renewables to reduce their carbon footprint and cut costs, Robert says any new energy strategy should include energy efficiency measures.

“The government made a big effort to encourage people to go solar by offering attractive Feed in Tariffs,” he said, “but the take up was much higher than they expected so they have now had to make a bit of a u-turn.

“Obviously, the halving of the FiT rate is a big blow, especially for business that were looking to save costs by going solar, but becoming more energy efficient is still equally, if not more important.

“Typically, businesses, including those that do generate their own green energy, can waste around 40% if they fail to follow good energy conservation principles – what we can do is identify this waste and eliminate it.”

To find out how your business could save on energy costs, contact Energy Savvy on 01275 840327, email or visit the website,