The North Somerset Marketing Lab

Ascot Group's Sophie Priest

Ascot Group’s Sophie Priest

The Ascot Group is a North Somerset based full-service marketing agency.

Here its Marketing Services Manager Sophie Priest discusses current issues and trends in the North Somerset Marketing Lab– a collection of short snippets from her regular marketing blog.

We all block out many of the sales messages we receive on a daily basis.

We have all become numb, in one way or another, to many forms of advertising that is directed as us.

The problem – built in human spam filter

Advertising though, is an important part of any marketing strategy and should never be overlooked.

But considering the average consumer is bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages per day, it may not always get past the built-in ‘spam filter’ in our heads.

People are too busy. They have all the products they more or less need. You have to impress them with an advert and something else.

The solution?

So how can you best compliment the message you have in your advert, and get somebody to pick up the phone.

Direct mail

Targeted direct mail is certainly one way.

It demands attention – we generally open a professional looking letter that is personally addressed to us.

And even if If we don’t, the flier or sales letter may stick around the office or home for a few days, being looked at by more than one person.

When was the last time you sent out a well designed, succinctly worded direct mail that really showcased your company?

Done properly, and in co-junction with advertising, direct mail is incredibly effective.


Here at the Ascot Group we find that time and time again direct mail = results.

To find out more about direct marketing visit here: To talk to us about Direct Marketing please call on: 01934 422 672