North Somerset MP becomes patron of Afghan Heroes

Dr Fox, who is MP for North Somerset and former Secretary of State for Defence, will provide support and advice to the charity that has become one of the most high profile military support groups since its launch in September 2009.

The charity provides support for the families of the fallen and the returning personnel who have witnessed the losses of their fellow comrades as well as soldiers on the front line.

Founder Denise Harris said: “To have someone like Liam support our charity is fantastic. He has been to Afghanistan and understands what those who serve go through and the effects it can have.

“We hope his position will help raise the profile of what we’re trying to do not only to the general public but to those who represent the country in Westminster and Brussels.

“Since we launched the response we’ve had from the public has been phenomenal. We’ve set up a network of support groups across the country, sent 24,000 boxes of home comforts for troops on the front line and established the first holiday home where returning troops can enjoy some time with their family.

“We continue to provide support for families of the fallen and are putting in place plans to provide additional support for returning troops.

“Part of those plans is to open a post services facility so when our wounded are discharged they have a base to rebuild their lives. We will also help with vocational training as they look to return to a normal civilian life.”

Dr Fox added: “Afghan Heroes was launched in my constituency and I’ve been amazed at the courage and dignity shown by Denise and all those involved.

“I’m looking forward to working with Denise and will do all I can to help maintain the profile of the charity and help it achieve its objective of setting up the Post Services Facility.

“It’s important we continue to support our troops and not forget the sacrifice these brave men and women of our armed forces having given to the country.”

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