Nuclear boost powers Alloy Wire’s expansion

Supplying high-performance nickel alloy wire to fuel the growth in nuclear power is helping a UK manufacturer expand.

Alloy Wire International (AWI) has seen a 10% surge in orders for its specialist wire, which is being used within components for the sector and critical seals and springs found in many of the world’s largest reactors.

Employing 31 people across sites in the West Midlands and Yorkshire, the company is on course to hit £1m of sales for this industry for the first time in 73 years and the management team believe its ability to fulfil orders in three weeks is a big factor in this increase.

It also pointed to the way a lot of the nickel alloy wire in its range can be treated with a special process that can offer the critical performance required to operate in one of the most demanding business arenas in the world.

“We have been supplying into this sector for a long-time and our track record for manufacturing quality is well known with customers in both the UK and overseas,” explained Mark Venables, Managing Director of Alloy Wire International.

“The last nine months have definitely been our busiest time to date and we are supplying wire that is going into both existing plants and also new projects taking shape across the globe.”

He continued: “Companies need to know the material they’ve ordered will withstand harsh temperatures/corrosion and is manufactured in accordance with strict quality controls. With the world relying on nuclear power more than ever, any type of disruption would impact on a lot of people.”