Nucleome Therapeutics announces appointment of Dr Jonathan Hepple as a Non-Executive Director


Nucleome Therapeutics, a biotechnology company decoding the dark matter of the human genome to uncover novel ways to treat disease, today announces the appointment of Dr Jonathan Hepple as a non-executive director to its Board.

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Dr Danuta Jeziorska, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Nucleome, said: “98% of our genome is largely uncharted due to technical barriers. This ‘dark’ genome contains the majority of disease-linked genetic changes, but their value has largely remained untapped. Nucleome has an innovative platform that has the ability to unlock its potential for discovery of drug target with associated biomarkers with aim to develop better and safer drugs guided by genetics. Our initial focus in on lymphocytes and autoimmune diseases.

“I am delighted to welcome Jon to the Board of Directors. His experience of supporting deep sciences-based ventures through all the stages of growth will be invaluable to the Company. Jon’s support and commitment will help us advance and scale Nucleome’s innovative platform to discover and develop novel, better and safer drugs that have a transformative impact on the lives of patients with autoimmune diseases.”

Dr Jonathan Hepple, Incoming Non-executive Director of Nucleome, said: “It’s exciting to join the Board of Nucleome, as a representative of OSI, at such a pivotal point in its growth. The depth of scientific expertise and the cutting-edge technologies behind Nucleome’s platform give the company a unique potential into understanding how the genome functions across cell types and diseases, unlocking it for the discovery and development of new treatments.”

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