Nvidia’s revenue increased by 43% YoY to $16.68B in fiscal year 2021

Computer hardware and consumer electronics provider Nvidia posted a strong 2021 fiscal year, benefitting from an uptick in one of their primary markets, the video game industry.

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According to data presented by 123scommesse.it, Nvidia’s revenue increased by 53% YoY in their fiscal year 2021 to $16.68bn.

Nvidia’s revenue records impressive CAGR of 27.2% from 2016-2021

Nvidia is most popularly known for producing high-performance graphics processing units (GPUs) for the video game and professional markets. In their fiscal year which ended in January 31, 2021, Nvidia posted revenue of $16.68bn – a 43% YoY increase from 2020’s $10.92bn.

From 2016-2021, Nvidia’s global revenue experienced a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.2%

Nvidia also posted an estimated net income of $4.33bn in their fiscal year ending January 2021, compared to just $2.8bn in fiscal year ending in 2020 – a 55% YoY increase.

Fiscal year 2021 also saw Nvidia’s total assets rise to $28.79bn compared to just $17.32bn in 2020 – a 66% YoY increase.

Nvidia enjoys growth in two of its primary markets

The video game industry is still Nvidia’s most lucrative market amounting to $7.76bn in revenue after enjoying a significant 41% YoY growth in fiscal year 2021.

Nvidia’s data centre market had the largest growth for fiscal year 2021 amounting to $6.7bn compared to just under $3bn in 2020 – a staggering YoY growth of 124.5%.

In terms of operating segment, the graphics business segment accounted for $9.83bn compared to just $7.64bn in fiscal year 2020 – a 29% YoY increase.

Nvidia’s Compute & Networking segment more than doubled in fiscal year 2021 amounting to $6.84bn in 2021 compared to just $3.28bn in 2020.

In the fiscal year ending 2021, Nvidia also recorded its highest spend on Research & Development, amounting to just under $4bn – a 39% YoY increase.

Rex Pascual, 123commesse.it, commented on Nvidia’s growth: “Nvidia is one of the most popular brands in the gaming industry which has always been a lucrative source of revenue for the company. Its meteoric growth in the data centre market is what should get investors excited as it is a clear indication of the company’s smart decision to diversify on the back of sustained success. Nvidia also recorded its highest R&D spend in fiscal year 2021 which shows that the company has its eyes on long-term success.”

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