Oakwood Launches Funded Consultation Initiative

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We are in a time where so much change is needed. We see it everywhere, in our homes, in our businesses, in our communities and in our world. Yet with too many external challenges, the pressure can limit our focus on our organisation’s ability to thrive rather than survive.

Our businesses are reducing staff headcount to cut cost so there are no resources available to work out what change is needed in this future changing world. And this is the last moment where there is spare cash around for trying schemes that might work or hiring consultants to help.

We believe that anyone can implement successful and sustainable change and we want to provide the tools and resources to six companies and their teams to help navigate and thrive through these troubled times.

As part of the Government’s Kick Start Scheme, Oakwood Management Consulting are opening a fully funded offer for an initial phase to six organisations of any size, across any industries and in all sectors taking place from January 2021.

Change Scoping Analysis Sessions

We can help establish whether a longer change project is possible or will have a return on investment which makes it worth doing. We will undertake a short sharp analysis of the problem you want to solve and its root causes.

Then we will work with you to build a series of solutions at a high level and undertake an assessment of which is the optimal choice before fully developing an implementation plan with you for the optimal option and leaving you with a fully implementable change with a predictable return.

Change Project Support

Alternatively we can work with you to implement a short-term agile change project (lasting three to four months), working with the experts on your staff to develop and pilot a series of improvements which can be fully implemented within our free consultancy period.

In addition to helping organisations of all sizes this opportunity will give Oakwood the ability to provide skills, training and valuable experiences to bright individuals who are struggling to gain a foothold in employment in this difficult time. We fundamentally believe that everyone can be trained and supported to deliver successful and sustainable business change and we look forward to proving that with this fully funded offer.

Our intention is to continue offering these opportunities for as long as the Government’s Kick Start Scheme continues and we anticipate that we will be able to support more than 30 companies across 2021.

To apply in our initial phase, please contact us to request access to our short application process by 18th December 2020 email us. Should you be interested in future phases please email an expression of interest to us.

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