Ocean Bottle successfully raises £2m to accelerate its ‘OCEAN IMPACT’


Ocean Bottle, innovators behind the reusable bottle that prevents 11.4kg of plastic – equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles – from entering our ocean, as well as improving livelihoods with every sale, has successfully raised £2m.

Led by Norweigan impact investor TD Veen, the Series A round brings together 10 investors to support the brands mission to bring a tangible solution to ocean plastic directly into consumers’ hands.

Said Ocean Bottle co-founder Nick Doman said: “We went out to raise a Series A to be able to bring engaging content for our growing community, design new sustainable and market leading products, hire more exceptional team members and to develop the world’s first impact as a service NFC platform to drive sustainable behaviour and create global impact.

“By accelerating our development on these fronts, we hope to bring forward our target of collecting 80,000,000kg of plastic and prevent this from reaching our ocean by 2025.”

With 22 million kilograms of plastic continuing to flow into the ocean each day, it’s predicted that by 2030 ocean plastic is set to double.

As well as alarming stats highlighting the effects of plastic pollution – more masks than jellyfish following coronavirus and most recently the discovery of PPE on Philippine coral reefs which has led to estimations that the capital city Manila alone could have been generating up to 280 tonnes of extra medical waste per day.