Office design crucial for creating collaborative, productive workspaces

View Of Staff In Busy Customer Service DepartmentOffice Furniture Online is calling on businesses to look at how their layout, design, and equipment is having an impact on productivity within their workforce.

Celebrating the launch of its new buying guide blog, the brand is setting out to help more offices across the country create workspaces that complement their brand and overall objectives.

With blogs looking at a huge range of topics, from how to stage a successful meeting to the benefits of switching to ergonomic furniture, the site is set to be the go to destination for businesses looking for advice when purchasing office equipment.

With flexible workspaces that can seamlessly adapt to different working environments becoming the next big trend in office design, it’s essential that every office has furniture that’s perfectly selected for its needs.

Jean Phillips, Customer Relations at Office Furniture Online, said: “Many businesses underestimate the impact that furnishing choices can have on productivity. Collaboration isn’t going to happen if employees all have boxed off individual desks but at the same time huge, open plan spaces can cause distractions that harm productivity, it’s a fine balance. Employers also need to consider how comfortable their furnishings.

“Poor quality furniture can actually harm health and no one is going to do their best work if they’re stuck in an uncomfortable chair all day. Taking the time to research different options available to them can really help businesses achieve their goals.”